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65 year old here. I am a gay man and live in San Diego with my husband. Originally from Burlington, Vermont but have been here since 2000. I have been building some LGBTQ film database sites and needed a break from them. Started this site and feel there is a need for this safe space for all the LGBTQ community to come and enjoy. Hope you like it and spread the word. Thanks Mark

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Hello well I am a fact gathering geek and lay out my post in a very formal way. Being 66 and gay I have seen a lot in my life and want to educate people out there. Hope you enjoy my articles and my style of presenting them. P.S. Great website here. I will be back alot.

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Dennis Cresswell

Age 82. In a same-sex marriage. Residing in Pacific Northwest. Writer and editor, author of "Gay-Friendly Parenting: What every child needs to learn about same-sex attractions -- and the sooner the better" under the name Dennis Lowell, available on Amazon.

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